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THE DOMESTICATION OF GOATS  ca ~10 500/~10 000

After the dog, it was probably the goat (Capra hircus) which was tamed by man. Apparently, this happened in several phases :

First, wild goats were controlled in an extensive area between East Anatolia and the Zagros Mountains. Then around 10,500 to 10,000, goats were domesticated in only a small area the North-West of Iran. They quickly spread to the adjacent regions and further all over the world. All goats on Earth today descend from this first tamed population.

馴養山羊 約 ~1萬5百年/1萬年前



註:牛科>羊亞科>山羊屬>野山羊(學名Capra hircus)>家山羊(學名Capra hircus hircus)


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