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EVOLUTION UNDER WAY  ~7 million years

Sahelanthropus tchadensis is a fossil hominid that lived approximately 7 million years ago. Its position in the Hominid evolution is not widely accepted.

Existing fossils – a relatively small cranium nicknamed Toumaï ("hope of life" in the local Dazaga language of Chad), five pieces of jaw and some teeth – make up a head that has a mixture of derived and primitive features. The braincase, being only 340 cm³ to 360 cm³ in volume is similar to that of extant chimpanzees and is notably less than the approximate human volume of 1350 cm³. The teeth, brow ridges, and facial structure differ markedly from those found in Homo sapiens.(click to see all the article on Wikipedia)

演化依舊進行中 ~7百萬年前





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